Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemon Tree Care

lemon tree in pots
Lemon tree in pots
meyer lemon tree
Meyer lemon tree

Did you comprehend you can expand citrus indoors despite where you live?

The most practical citrus to grow indoors is the Meyer lemon. Meyer lemons are valued for their pleasant flavor, a cross in between a mandarin orange as well as a lemon. The greatest component is the Meyer lemons readily offered today are called enhanced considering that they don’t bring any type of kind of citrus infection.

Right here are some pointers to help your citrus tree prosper as well as generate fruit inside.

Growing a Meyer lemon tree inside your home.

What to recognize prior to you begin:

  • Illumination your lemon tree

– Citrus trees need 8-12 hrs of light daily with southerly or southwestern direct exposure to create fruit

– Supplement natural light with full variety fluorescent illumination or an expert grow light

– Put your brand-new tree in your desired location for 2 weeks before potting to ensure the tree mores than pleased

– When you belong it takes pleasure in, pot it

meyer tree
Meyer tree
  • Sprinkling your lemon tree

– Citrus trees like hardly ever along with deep watering

– Citrus trees like to be not saturated yet damp

– Use a moisture meter to notify when your tree calls for watering, water when the top 2 inches of soil are totally dry

– Include Thrive Alive B-1 to the water to advise origin development

  • Pollinating your lemon tree

– If your tree is blooming within, take a cotton bud and also transfer plant pollen from one blossom to another

  • Feeding your lemon tree

– Citrus trees are heavy feeders that need to be fed with citrus plant food

– Comply with the directions meticulously for any sort of fertilizer you choose

best soil for meyer lemon tree
Best soil for meyer lemon tree
  • Below are 3 that Tricia suggests:

– E.B. Rock Citrus & Fruit Tree Food
– Down to Earth Citrus Mix Plant Food
– Phyta-Grow Leafy Eco-friendly Unique Plant Food

  • For how long does it take for a Meyer lemon tree to thrive?

– Meyer lemon trees usually blossom in addition to fruit two times a year beginning at 3-5 years old

How to pot a Meyer lemon tree for indoor development

  1. For a 2-3-year-old tree, make use of a 5-gallon plastic pot concerning 12-15″ in elevation with terrific water drain
  2. Produce a potting mix of 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 potting dirt, and also 1/3 perlite that will definitely pack the pot
  3. Move the tree from its container, get rid of totally dry origins, fluff if matted/encircled
  4. Include tree to the center of the pot along with include your potting mixture with the crown of the origins simply above the dirt line
  5. Progressively include water while drawing the tree up rather to eliminate any type of type of air pockets

Best method to grow your Meyer lemon tree inside your home

  • Location the pot with tree in addition to the rocks
  • Placement your tree in the brightest part of your residence, near a south-facing home window
    – If the tree does not obtain 8-12 hours of light a day, add some low-energy LED expand lights
  • Fill up a pot tray with rocks
  • Add water to the tray, filling it simply listed below the top of the rocks to enable your tree to stay on the rocks however not IN water
  • Location the pot with tree along with the rocks

Maintenance timetable for a lemon tree

  • Water as noted over
  • Weekly: Turn your tree a quarter seek to make certain the tree is getting even light
  • Every 2 weeks: Splash down your greenery
  • Every 2 years: Repot your tree after pruning the beginnings to stay clear of the tree acquiring root bound
  • Whenever: Prune your citrus tree to control its sizes and shape

Relocating your citrus tree indoors to exterior & vice versa

  • The suitable time to relocate your citrus or lemon tree is when the temperature level degrees are close to the similar inside your residence as well as also outdoors
  • When changing, keep the tree in the color for 2 weeks
  • Your citrus tree will definitely expand along with call for bigger containers throughout the years, so see to it to acquire aid from a pal or utilize a moving dolly to move the pot around
miniature lemon tree care
Miniature lemon tree care

Finest options to Meyer lemon trees

  • Finest options to Meyer lemon trees
  • These citrus trees are also very easy to expand inside:
  • Lisbon lemons
  • Washington navel oranges
  • Bearss limes
planting meyer lemon tree
Planting meyer lemon tree


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